Sunday, December 1, 2013

Better Late Than Never!

Steilacoom is usually a roadie/climbers course, so I never really look forward to it, but for some reason I typically do well here. And this week I had a secret weapon up my! Yes, a whole 2 weeks of training! And man, what a difference even just a couple of weeks of focused high intensity training makes. Yes, race effort still hurts (that never changes), but being able to hold a higher output for a longer period of time really improves your positioning (well duh!) So, my best place this season - 2nd - on a course that really shouldn't suit me! Happy girl.

So with only one more race left locally, you might be asking yourself why bother training at all? Well, I have my eye on a bigger goal and I need to get serious. A short sharp training plan should get me to a peak for January when nationals are. I'm putting it out there now, so you'll all know why I'm not going to be much fun through December. Be warned, Christmas is officially postponed.......!