Sunday, October 23, 2011

Merry-Go-Round at Marymoor

I wasn't thrilled at the thought of another Marymoor race, but it was MFG's turn to visit the park, so another  Mary-go-round it was to be. Course was set up with less tricky turns, but rain the previous few days made for a slicker encounter this time around. 

My race was pretty smooth, holding 2nd place pretty much the entire race. Lead gal was in my sights for a couple of laps but I just couldn't stay with her. 3rd place gal was close enough to put pressure on me the entire race, so I had to concentrate to not let up at any point. It helped to have a cheering squad to keep me focused in this mission! It certainly felt a ton better racing after being well enough to put in some descent training days this week - not such a shock to the system! Happy with my 2nd place finish which firms up my 2nd place overall in the series. Not so happy that my team mate Kristi broke her chain on the first lap  and spent the entire race chasing back on. It would have been good to have some company on those long straight-a-ways!

Couple of goals achieved this week - I treated every guy ahead of me as a target to pass rather than an impediment to my progress and I didn't fear the barriers every lap (just a couple.)

Really happy I didn't have to pit this week - I would have felt terrible getting help from Justin with his broken ribs. Turns out our mechanic can't hold his drink. And I mean that quite literally. Carrying his soon to be bottled home made hard cider down some steps he slipped and ended up in ER. And no, I don't think  the docs believed the alcoholic smell from his cider drenched clothes didn't have anything to do with the fall. And the worst part of it all was there was nothing left to drown his sorrows! Thanks for being there for us today Justin!

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