Sunday, October 30, 2011

Finally Some Real Cyclocross Racing!

SCX pulled together something pretty special today at Enumclaw Fairgrounds. Great venue, great course design and finally some co-operative weather! So how do you know when it's been a good CX race?

You know it's been a good CX race when :-

  • The inside of your kit is as muddy as the outside by the end.

  • Your mechanic works harder during the race than the racers.

  • You go down a couple of times but still get back up.

  • There's free beer.

  • There's a guy in nothing but gold boxer shorts at the top of the run-up making completely inappropriate comments to all the passing girls (see above).

  • The run-up gives you vertigo at the top.

  • A solid 3rd place (with no sprint finish to worry about) puts you in 3rd overall in the series.

  • Even better, a teammate wins his first race of the season (way to go Sean!)

  • Clean up at the end takes longer than the race itself.

  • You seriously start to consider buying shares in Oxyclean when doing the laundry.

Did I mention this was a muddy one?

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