Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cycle U-PopCap Cyclocross Team

In case I was still in any doubt that I hadn't actually retired from racing then this was the final clue. A call from the Cycle U-PopCap team director inviting me to join their new team was unexpected, but gave me the prod I needed to solidify my racing intentions for the season. I loved the offer of joining a small team of dedicated elite racers and having a little more support at the races, but it would come at a price - getting serious about CX and committing to a crazy race schedule that would have me racing every weekend from September through mid-December. I didn't commit until I'd passed it by Chris (knowing my racing impacts him too) , but needless to say, Chris was all for it.

So, a new adventure begins. Check out the Cycle U-PopCap Team Blog

Cycle U is a well respected coaching and training school and cycling store in Seattle.

PopCap is a hugely successful gaming company. A huge thank you to both companies for their support this season.

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amjb said...

When did Chris last say no to anything?