Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Stage 2 - Stick a Fork in Me, I'm Done Already!

Today I planned to take it a little easier so I wouldn't overheat so much in the blazing sun. Funny thing was that an 'easy' pace would have been fast in comparison to the speed I was able to achieve today. Terry came upon me on one of the endless fireroad climbs and found me swerving around and had to fight off the vultures swarming around me. My brains were boiling and my stomach in knots, but I could at least turn the pedals on the bike. I now realise why these races are usually done as a team. There are times when you need someone else to keep you going. Today I needed Terry - we were team BikeBooBoos once again.

 Finding Shade Before the Start

Made it Through the Day!


Feeling Better for Some Recovery Chocolate Milk

Garmin Stats of the Stage

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