Thursday, July 23, 2009

Never Say Never.......

So it's been a year since my last post, and it looks like the pain has faded enough for me to do this all over again! This year's week of pain will again take place in beautiful BC, Canada, but this time Kamloops will be the centre of abuse. The Intermontane Challenge is a new 5 day stage race that will cover many hundreds of Kilometers of sweet Kamloops singletrack.

A couple of things drew me to this event. The first was the cloverleaf design - starting and finishing in the same place each day will mean no moving camp each day - bliss! The second, was it's one of the first stage races to offer a solo category. The third was the awesome prize purse being offered equally to the men and women. Judging from the strong competition on the start list, I won't even get close to tasting this, but I do want to support a race that values women racing the same as the men. Kudos to the race organisers for this.

Chris realised the only way to avoid supporting me during this race was to leave the country. He'll be in Australia, so I'll be relying on my good friend Anna to keep me on track during the race. I'm not too sure who is going to suffer more, me, or her! I'm also not sure how I'll pack enough chocolate for the both of us, but I'll try my best.


unixbloke said...

If you need someone to eat chocolate .. then I'm on my way !!

Good luck you fool.

diet diva said...

Good Luck to you Mel, you must be mad -- but Iam cheering you on amyway.

rpangliss said...

It's Monday at 9:24 and I've been hitting "refresh" for hours. . .oh, the suspense!

Looking forward to hearing the latest! Beaming thoughts of speed in your direction! :-)