Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Day 4 = better singletrack; Day 5 = great singletrack

Mel, Eric and Christie were excited to set off today even if it didn't show too much in their faces.

At this point in the race, body parts stop responding as fast as you'd like, and stomachs start rejecting food. However, once you get on the bike things start to move the way you expect.

After a short road section today, the riders will be heading off into some wonderful singletrack areas. Mel and I have ridden here before, as the Rat Race is held in this area on the same trail system. That is a three hour race. This is more of a six hour day. Terry and I may even have time to do a ride of our own before meeting the racers at the Langdale ferry, and if not then when we arrive at Squamish there should be time to spin our legs out.


Anonymous said...

Mel Eric & Christie --- does that mean that Terry is still not racing?? Glad you got your single track anyway, bit concerned about you out there on your own, good luck anyway.
Thinking of you as always

Michmas said...

Keep up the awesome work Mel. You are one tough cookie and it's great to see that you're having fun out there (or at least that's how Chris is spinning it :))

Anonymous said...

Terry-I know you are in a set back right now, but try to look past it and see what you have accomplished thus far. You are competing in the premier event of your sport where only the best bikers even attempt to compete. The girls ask about you and marvel at what you have done and what are you doing. They are your biggest fans!

Anonymous said...

Mel, Terry, Eric, and Christie,

What you are doing is so inspiring and amazing! We think of you every day; we hope our positive thoughts reach you. Chris, thanks for the text message. We had meant to call someone who was going to keep us updated, but forgot to take the phone number with us. Thunderstorms here last night and today. Plants are getting plenty of water. Only two more days after today. Good luck!

Ellen and John

Anonymous said...


Any chance I can PULL you the last two days? I think my left front leg is healed now, and Banks is really getting on my nerves without Sheila to bark at.