Monday, June 23, 2008

Introducing Team

I’m not in this race alone. I’ll be racing it as part of a 2 person team with my good riding buddy Terry Turpening. The craziness must be infectious! We’ve been challenging each other in our riding together for years now, and I’m looking forward to taking on this new challenge together. We’ve always pushed each – who can get to the top of that steep climb first? Who can descend faster? Who can clean that gnarly technical section? It just seems right to be taking on this race together as a team. We’ll have to stay within 2 minutes of each other through every stage of the race or face a penalty. Now there will be the biggest challenge – push each other to be as fast as we can be, but not so much that we kill each other!

We are not in this race alone. Supporting this duo will be (check out the website for a wealth of information on fixing your mountain bike) and Pacific Bicycle Company (where I bought my first full suspension mountain bike, road bike, ‘cross bike and everything else I’ve ever needed for riding and racing.) To top it off, we have head mechanic, driver, soigneur (you name it, he gets to do it), my biggest supporter and fan club, Chris, AKA hubby.

We are a strong team with great support, I’m feeling confident and can’t wait to start.

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Anonymous said...

How on earth did you talk Terry into doing the race ;))
Good Luck to you both.