Sunday, June 29, 2008

Day Two - like day one only longer, hotter and boring

It's not often that you would purposefully choose to spend 7 hours in 95 degree heat. Especially not when that's 95 in the shade and you are in the full sun. It gives another meaning to the term "Fire Road".

Day two was a relatively flat stage (that's flat in comparison to the other stages, not flat like a pancake). It was also a long stage, at 125km. During the course briefing the night before, the organizers even apologized for the length and boredom factor. The aim of course was to get from the end of one good stage to the beginning of another good stage, and as this is a point-to-point race, that sometimes means doing the boring bits. Also, this was their third choice for the route - choice one was a no-go because of land permission, and choice two got new snow just a week back. Hard to believe with the weather today.

Terry and Mel started off with the intention of having a more mellow day out to try and recover from yesterday. Unfortunately, Terry hadn't been able to recover from dehydration from the previous day which meant that he couldn't put in the effort that he wanted to. Ultimately, this meant that they stopped racing at 109km. This is why you won't see their results on the BCBR site. Terry's going to take the day off tomorrow and ride with me in the support car, while Mel joins forces with Eric and Christie as she isn't allowed to ride on her own.

Obviously Terry isn't too happy about taking the day off, but it's a smart decision to help him get back on track.

The Motel we are in this evening has air conditioning, which is now on full blast just trying to get the room down to a reasonable temperature. Mel is considering sleeping on the sofa in the living room area rather than in the bed as this is the coolest spot. I'm encouraging this move because I don't want to go anywhere near her saddle sores at this point.

You may not get an update tomorrow because we have to rush off after the stage finishes to catch two different ferries across to Powell River, where we will arrive close to midnight. If this sounds crazy, the alternative is to wake up at 4am ready to load up on the morning ferry with all the other racers, and then wait around until 11am for the start. Mel's looking forward to her lie-in!


Anonymous said...

How can you ever prepare for such hot riding conditions with the wet and cold spring we had? Cooler weather is on its way, fortunately. We wish Terry a speedy recovery and Mel a cooler ride tomorrow. Hang in there!

Ellen and John

unixbloke said...

What's with you wearing out your cycle buddies?? Chris too much info on the saddle sores, no pictures please !! Keep up the good work all of you.


Anonymous said...

Lie-in? It must be a Canadian activity. Best wishes to both of you, and enjoy the boat ride.

Pacific Bicycle

Anonymous said...

Hang in there "T" the girls are routing for you!!!!

Price Family/Ohio

Anonymous said...

We're following the race with great interest.
It's unfortunate about Terry having to have an enforced rest, but VERY sensible - especially in these rediculously high temperatures. Hope you had a good night's rest and that Terry's fit for the 4th day.
Enjoy the ride tomorrow, Mel!
Phil & Jan

Anonymous said...

Love the heat, but even I think it might be a little to hot.Sorry to hear about Terry, is that another one you have worn out Mel ;) Seriously though I hope Terry recovers quickly. Take care.

rpangliss said...

So, enough about the racing. . .how about. . .wildlife sightings. . .scenery. . .and has Chris the Singlehanded Support Team had a chance to take advantage of any of the ideas for the support crew that are kindly posted on the BC bike race website? (e.g., today he could "• Visit the Powell River Historic Museum and the Sliammon Fish Hatchery
• Stop at the sandy swimming beach at Dan Bosch Regional Park on the eastern shore of Ruby Lake or Get your climb on in the Eldred River Valley. Cliffs rising 600m from the valley floor provide world-class climbing in a pristine setting.) Personally, I'd opt for the salmon hatchery. :-)

Seriously. . .you are all amazing & I absolutely can't wait to hear more stories when you come back! rpa