Monday, June 30, 2008

Day Three - still complaining about the lovely weather

Mel, Eric and Christie came in at 6:24 (or thereabouts) after another hot day in the saddle. Mel was really hoping for singletrack trails today after the long boring fire road yesterday, but although there were about 15km of trail, lots of it was newly cut. This meant it wasn't well bedded in, and it seemed to have been done relatively fast rather than paying real attention to the flow. As this race is billed as being mainly singletrack, they are running out of kilometers of fire road for the rest of the days.

More baked brains today. It takes a couple of hours of serious sitting in the shade and application of ice packs to bring your body temperature down after a day out in the heat like that. Unfortunately we are currently sitting in a really exposed ferry terminal waiting for the ferry to arrive. We've staked out the only shady spot in the whole parking lot, but I have to stand in the sun to "borrow" the internet connection I'm using. In the interests of keeping my skin melanoma-free, this is going to be a short post.


Unknown said...

Mel, we wish wehad some of your heat. We have been in almost full winter riding clothing for three days. Your are our inspiration for making our days seem easier. Keep u the fight and kick some ass. Corrina and Randy

Anonymous said...,Hi Terry, Hang in there young man. We have been following your race on this blog and the bc bikke race site. I didn't send my message correctly yesterday. We have been sending our prayers for strength and good health. We love you very much. Mom and Dad

Bret Dodson said...

Hey Terry! Let's see you back on the bike and kicking some ass.

Hammer 'em dude!

Anonymous said...

Go Mel and Terry!

Oh my gosh, you guys really know how to have a good time. NOT

Actually, thanks for sharing your incredible experience. Chris, well done on the posts, keep them coming.

Anonymous said...

Good on you girl, routing for you all the way, so very proud of you.
Terry hope you are fit enough to get back on that bike today.
Thinking of you all.