Friday, June 27, 2008

Day Minus One (Packing it In)

Yesterday was a day of packing. In fact that is pretty much all we did.

After packing the car all we had left to do was pack ourselves full of food. It was a long journey and what better way to fill the time than to eat!

Officially known as ‘carb loading’ we took our task very seriously. Robyn’s parting gift of home baked cookies was calling us from the moment we took off. We didn’t even make it to the border with Canada before they climbed out of their container (right at the bottom of Terry's pack) and into our tummies . Our packed lunch was pretty much gone by noon and then we had to break into our trail mix. Terry was confused as to what should go into trail mix and thought that ‘Fiber One’ would be good. We quickly corrected this and balanced it out by adding a bag of chocolate drops.

Because Terry ate so much, we had to go and stock up on more food at the local store.

Hopefully this will have been our longest stage of the race – 7 hours to reach our destination of Shawnigan Lake on Victoria Island, BC. Terry took the challenge of eating very seriously and Chris made a valiant attempt to keep up, but Terry won the day when he managed 3rds at supper time. I have selected my partner very well.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if Terry remembers but the first time I met him, he was eating --- a wrap. I had never even heard of a wrap, much less eaten one, he did however give me one -- and very nice it was to.

Anonymous said...

should have signed Sheila ( sorry)