Thursday, July 12, 2007

Cascade Cream Puff – A Piece of Cake?

So exactly what does a 100 mile mountain bike race with 18,000 feet of climbing take?

Well this for starters –
12 bottles of Gu2O sports drink - mostly drunk, some accidentally poured on head
8 bottles of water - some drunk, but mostly poured on head
16 packets of Gu energy gel - turn off that gag reflex10 Endurolytes salt tablets - lots of sweat, oops no, I mean perspiration
1 peanut butter and jelly sandwich - would have had more but they kept re-appearing
3 bottles of Ensure Plus - least gag worthy food that would stay down
3 Excedrin - a little all round pain relief – head, knee, back, you name it…¼ tub of Chamois butt’r - if you don’t know what it is, you don’t want to know
1 derailleur hanger - damaged due to pesky switchback
1 expert mechanic - the fastest ever derailleur hanger change ever – thanks Chris
2 support crew - thanks for your patience mum and Chris

And what did I get?
Well, err, -

To ride my bike for 13 hours straight
1 sore butt - and 1 butt sore
1 scabby forearm- pesky switchback
½ a bottle of Technu - to wash off the poison oak
1 red finishers cap - limited edition
Oh yes, 4th place and a big fat grin

Race Start - 5:15 and it's still dark!

Amazing Singletrack

Support Crew

Major Surgery

The real meaning of the phrase 'Pit Stop'

Yes, I'm as enthusiastic about getting back on my bike as I look

End of the race - Finisher's Cap (only 96 made it)

 I think I preferred being on the bike!