Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Weak Legs in Winthrop

Stop number 6 for the Indies Series was in the stunning Methow Valley. Conditions couldn't have been more different than last weeks race in Squamish - hot and dry - not a drop of mud to be found. A biker's paradise!

I was not feeling particularly zippy going into this race. Maybe it was not fully recovering from the Test of Metal. Maybe it was the cold that I'd picked up from work that week. Maybe it was missing my greatest supporter (Chris) who'd been away all week. I truly did not want the 5 hour drive across the mountains and if it had not been part of the series I think I would have skipped this one and sat at home and consumed vast quantities of chocolate.

The only good thing I can say about my performance was that it was consistent. Unfortunately, it was consistently crap! My legs didn't want to work from the very beginning to the very end and my 3rd place was really only because I was willing to persevere with the humiliation until the end.

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Neibaf said...

Hey Girl,
I am sure you still kicked ass and we love you the way you are... even if you are a bit special :)
3rd is still on the podium, unlike me :)