Saturday, May 5, 2007

Back on Local Turf - SeaTac Race

Heady from my trip down South, I'm adjusting to the local terrain (or should that be rain?) again. Yes, I missed the trees, roots, verdant greenery, but didn't exactly miss the rain.
Can't complain about race day at SeaTac though, as the sun peaked out kept the course dry and our spirits up. I can however complain about the brutal pace that Kristie set off from the start of the race though - I think she thought it was a cyclocross race! She was smoking fast and I didn't see her for the rest of the race. Although not technical the course is brutal because it's all power, with no place to rest as there's no significant descending.

I managed to over-cook a turn on my first lap and ungraciously dismounted (ok, ok fell). I Got back on quickly before the gal behind could overtake me, but everything was all cock-eyed with my saddle pointing a funny direction. I pulled over to adjust it and turns out I had completely bent one of the rails. My God, I didn't think the chocolate cake Chris made for my birthday had that many calories in it!

I straightened it a little, but had to race all lopsided for the rest of the course. I stood out of the saddle more because the saddle was kind of painful to sit on. It was probably a good thing because I kept more speed on the climbs. I caught back up with the gals that passed me whilst I was messing with my saddle and kept my pace up hoping to catch back up with the lead gal. I only managed to catch up with the rabbits crossing the course as it was getting late in the day. Turns out I was chasing a non-existing competitor - she had dropped out to fix a broken chain and was actually behind me chasing to catch back up again, so I squeaked a first place, due to too much power in my competitor's legs!

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Anonymous said...

There's no stopping you, Mel.

Well done again.