Saturday, March 31, 2007

Stage 2 - Super D

Another new one for me today. Super D (downhill) is a less technical, longer version of a downhill race that still requires pedaling as there are a few ups as well, so no big bikes required. In fact my hardtail was plenty adequate on today's course. We set off at 10 second intervals on a double track gradual descent. Pretty soon I was pushing the highest gear I have (not sure I've ever been in my big chainring for that long!) Near the end, a few uphill kickers finished off the punishment. I was very surprised that I managed to stay anaerobic the entire race. Heart rate averaging 185, peaking up at 198! The only tricky parts were negotiating the sandy/pea gravel areas and not wiping out on the corners.
Knowing I still had the main XC race tomorrow, I played it safe, wanting to finish without injury to me or the bike, so took it conservatively. I finished in 21:04 for this 6 miler and that put me 6th overall. Only one gal in my age ahead of me, so we'll be battling it out for the overall GC tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Well done again, Mel. You are amazing. Good luck in the GC. (Tho thinking about it, you've probably done it by the time I post this comment! Duhhh!!)


Unixbloke said...

Chris ... are you still trying to flog that book?